Hi, we’re Blockchainifyly.

And we put blockchains on things.

Today, we’re going to go to a company that sells Iced Tea.

Nothing has blockchains on it, but you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna put blockchains on things. Spruce it up. Make it pretty!

Look at this company. What a sad little company. I know—I’ll put a blockchain on it. Did your hedge fund manager see this company before? I didn’t. Now there’s a blockchain. Its stock price is flying.

Did you miss out on becoming a Bitcoin mbillionaire? Create your own cryptocurrency! Send ripples through the financial industry by maintaning centralized control of your own private blockchain. Give them out to friends and insiders for fun and profit! Put a blockchain on it!

Press Release Mad Lib

“We are excited to announce CompanyCoin, a sector-centric cryptocurrency to empower customer demographic and industry demographic to take greater control in customer industry!”

What are you waiting for? Put a blockchain on it!

I’m putting a blockchain on a blockchain. See you on the moon!